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George Twiname – Chairman

19 Duke Street, Askam in Furness, LA16 7AD
Telephone 01229 468604

About George
George came to live in Askam in 1963 and is a mine of information about the history of the villages which proves invaluable to the Parish Council. George joined the parish council in 1995 and has held many offices over the years, but this is his first time as Chairman. George worked for many years at K Shoe and now works on the same site for Urofoam Ltd and is married to Yvonne and has a daughter Emma who is following in family tradition by also being a member of the Parish Council.

Bill Wilson – Vice Chair

16 Avocet Crescent, Parklands, Askam in Furness
Telephone 468042 / mobile 07791285797

About Bill
Originally from Sunderland, I moved to the Furness region in June 1989 to take up a position at VSEL, following the closure of Sunderland Shipbuilders where I had worked since leaving school. I have recently taken early retirement from BAE. My wife Jan and I settled first in Dalton, living there for fourteen years, before moving to Holbeck, Barrow in 2003 and finally to Askam in September 2010. We had a lifelong ambition to live by the sea in a small close knit community and feel that since moving into the village we have fulfilled that dream as we both love the area. I would like to see access to and the first, visual impressions of the village enhanced. I also believe that along with maintaining and enhancing the existing facilities, the natural beauty of the are should be promoted.

Harry Barker – Chairman

5 Plover Close, Parklands, Askam in Furness
Telephone 01229 467446 / mobile 07713488187

About Harry
I am married with two children and was born in Ireleth. I have my own business which is based in Askam. I have been on the Parish Council for a number of years and held various positions including that of Chairman. I represent the Parish Council on the e.on and Bennett Bank committee.

Having lived and worked in the Parish all my life I have a keen desire for the village to prosper and move forward. I feel it is important to maintain the range of youth and adult sporting facilities in order to keep our sense of community and pride in the village.

Sandra Hadwick- Councillor

Causeway House, Beach Street, Askam in Furness, LA16 7BG
Telephone 01229 464094

David Knight – Councillor

mobile 07470197875

About David
I have lived in the village all of my life, I live with my wife and two teenage daughters. We all share an interest in animals and have a smallholding and stables on the edge of the village. I currently work at HBP.

I have previously been involved with the local Cricket team and at various stages held the position of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and at one point all three. But sadly the main cricket team is now disbanded. I am in touch with a variety of organisations and people in the village and local area, and I like to keep up to date with current affairs.

We have several issues in the village and the main issues in my mind are parking around the station at the bottom of Duddon road and Duke Street. We also have a major problem with dog owners that let dogs foul the streets, roads and public areas. I would like to see the village promoted with a more positive attitude and possibly improve the visual approach into the village.

Alan Mason – Councillor

Bridestowe, Saves Lane, Askam in Furness, LA16 7DY
Telephone 01229 462357 / mobile 07769745909

About Alan
I have lived in the same street in Askam all of my life. I left Dowdales and worked firstly at Pickford’s Removals & Travel Service in Barrow, leaving in 1978 to work at K Shoes in Askam until its closure in 1997. I was transferred to Kendal, but the daily journey to work and the opportunities for job satisfaction led to my present position at Booths in Ulverston, where I enjoy serving the public.

I have a fund of local knowledge and feel I know and relate to the village and its inhabitants needs. I am passionate about Askam and Ireleth and its future. I have been an active member of the Methodist Church for most of my adult life, serving at different times as Church Council secretary and treasurer. I joined the Askam History group at its inaugural meeting, although work commitments prevent me from attending as often as I would like. I have a fund of local knowledge gleaned from my late mother during her 95 years of living in Askam. I have been a councillor on the Parish Council since 1997, making me one of the longest serving councillors. I represent the Parish Council on the e.on liaison committee.

I want the Parish Councillors and residents to feel that they have a future here and that the Council has a voice in local democracy, as we are the link with the people and those elected bodies such as the Borough Council and the County Council which means the local voice is heard in the corridors of power, so that grassroots democracy really means something, despite our size.

Steve Smalley – Councillor

4 Pryors Walk, Askam-in-Furness,
Telephone 01229 451120/ mobile 07950337058

About Steve
I moved to the area in December 2013 from Dumbarton, Scotland, after completing a long and enjoyable career of some 25 years in the Royal Navy as a submariner. Previously I lived in towns and cities, and on taking a post at BAE Submarines working on the Successor programme as a Principal Engineer my wife and I decided to move to a village to enjoy the quiet and friendly atmosphere that they provide. I am married to Jeanette, and have no children at home now. I was born and raised in the Lancashire area living in Wigan and Preston to name a few. I am currently involved in 3rd Duddon Scout Group, as an Assistant Scout Leader, which I find very rewarding, and before this an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in 1st Dumbarton Scout Group. I have taken up the position on the council for a number of reasons, but, primarily as I now live in a village for which I hope will be for some time, I would like the opportunity to become involved in the decisions that are going to affect our village and our way of life. I am hoping that the passion, determination and skills I possess with aid me in ensuring that the village advances with the times, whilst keeping the values and traditions of Askam & Ireleth and its people in the forefront.

Susan Orrell – Parish Councillor

28 Marsh Street, Askam in Furness
Tel 01229 465564 / mobile 07989029828

About Susan
Originally from Wigan I moved to Askam at the end of 2002 and have worked at a couple of training providers. I am married to Karl and have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.

I currently work as a Careers Adviser in 2 local special schools and an Academy. I am passionate about ensuring that students with special needs experience the variety of opportunities open to others whenever possible.

From my home I am lucky enough to have what I believe is one of the best views of Askam. I am very happy living in the village and would like to see the natural surroundings and community spirit preserved. I regularly attend the history group and also volunteer as a custody visitor at Barrow police station. I will endeavour to promote the village and its great facilities, whilst at the same time representing the views of local residents.

Mike Cumming

2 Avocet Crescent, Askam in Furness, LA16 7HP
Tel 01229 468277 / mobile 07854712489 /

About Mike
Originally from Aberdeen, I moved to the Furness region in 1990 as part of the British Gas Team building the North Morecambe Platforms and Gas terminal where I met and eventually married my wife Janice. My wife is originally from Askam and is the Clerk to the Parish Council. After completion of the Terminal we both moved to British Gas in Solihull. I then moved as a Senior Executive with an International IT Company to London, Brussels and eventually Geneva before taking early retirement and moving back to Askam in 2006, where, we had maintained a house since going abroad. I am involved locally in the area being Secretary and treasurer to the Askam Village Hall Charity (Lots Social Club), Treasurer to the “Friends of Askam Station”, Trustee and Company Secretary to the “Drop Zone projects”. Chairman of the Barrow RNLI and past president of The Rotary Club of Barrow. I love living in Askam with its friendly residents, great walks and the constantly changing views and skies. I will endeavour to ensure that the parish of Askam & Ireleth does not get second best when it comes to local services and projects, that any changes to the villages are ones that bring improvement as well as change. I believe that the parish of Askam & Ireleth is a unique place which must be protected and where possible enhance the areas natural beauty.

Janice Cumming (nee Whittam)

Clerk to the Parish Council, 2 Avocet Crescent, Askam in Furness, LA16 7HP
Tel 01229 468277 / mobile 07962581164 / Email

About Janice
I am Askam born and bred and live in the village with my husband Mike. I left Dowdales and worked at British Cellophane for 9 years and then left in 1983 to work for British Gas at the Gas Terminal at Rampside for the next 14 years as PA to the Terminal Manager. Mike and I then moved to Solihull in the West Midlands where I worked for British Gas again before leaving the UK to live firstly in Belgium and then Switzerland. I came home regularly to visit my mum and friends in the area. We moved back permanently in 2006 and both love it here. I took up the position of Clerk to the Parish Council in February 2011. I have worked as a Secretary and in Administration all of my working life and hope I can bring that experience to the Parish Council. I know the area and the parish and walk it on a regular basis with my dog. I have a vested interest in this parish because it is my home and I love it and want to do my best for the people who live here. I am a ‘friend of Askam station’ and help with the garden there. I want the Parish Council to be accessible to community and for residents to feel they can come to the Parish Council and discuss what is important to them. I would like to keep our library open and hope people will support it by joining and using the library. I would like to see our public toilets re-opened.

Sandra Hadwick- Councillor

Causeway House, Beach Street, Askam-in-Furness LA16 7BG
Telephone 01229 464094

About Sandra
Although born in Dalton I have known Askam all my life, as my dad was an Askam lad. I spent a lot of my teen years in Askam at Guides and the Youth Club. I married in 1963 and left the area with my husband, a serving member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. I returned to the area with my husband and 3 children in 1981 and settled in Beach Street. I worked at Ostley House, home for the blind as a Cook and retired in 2001. After attending Parish Council meetings for a number of years I became a Parish Councillor in 2011. I attend the Rural Joint Committee meetings and look at planning applications and report back to the Parish Council.

I am a member of the local history group, along with Age Concern I help run tea and chat in the village once a month. I am a member of Trefoil Guild so keep in touch with the local Brownies and Rainbows. I am a member of Askam & Ireleth W.I. and attend the coffee mornings at Duddon Road Methodist Church most Saturday mornings.

I would like to see the village clean, tidy, litter free and villagers using the facilities provided. I would like to see dog owners being more responsible and clean up after their animals.

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