Askam and Ireleth

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A Community-led Parish Plan is a document produced by the Parish Council with input from the local community in order to set out a vision for the future and outline what can be achieved in an Action Plan, which is used to address a wide range of both problems and opportunities facing the local community.
Askam and Ireleth’s current Parish Plan was last updated in June 2014 and was designed to be in place for five years until 2019. In late 2017 the Parish Council agreed to commence the refresh of the Parish Plan to reflect changes which have taken place in the community and in the wider sphere of local and national government. Once finalised, this new plan will assist the Parish Council, Barrow Borough Council and Cumbria County Council with developing and implementing policies and plans for our district. It is very important that the whole of the community gets the opportunity to have their say and, to facilitate this, a questionnaire has been developed and delivered by Parish Councillors to all households in the Parish to find out what residents think for example, about the adequacy of recreation and facilities, the environment, including roads and street lighting and what services to the community they think essential to retain or to improve.

The requested return date for completed questionnaires is Friday 27 July 2018.
Members of the Parish Council will be in attendance on Carnival Day on Saturday 2 June at the show field with spare questionnaires and to discuss opportunities for the new Parish Plan.
An open meeting will be held in September 2018 in order to give feedback and provide progress and update on the existing plan to the local community, following which, new Action Plans will be developed based on the information provided. The new Parish Plan and supporting Action Plan for Askam and Ireleth will be published in June 2019.
The revised Action Plan, once agreed by Parish Councillors, will be published here.